Tuesday, February 4, 2020

May 2017

Following are a few of the happenings from May 2017!!

Jed & Candice-Hiking at Canyonlands National Park

T-ball time for Mason.......

.........And Palmer!!

Silly Brock!!

Penn's first birthday!
Denver, graduating from pre-school

Tuesday, February 5, 2019

April 2017

In April of 2017, we participated in the 
Founder's Day celebration in Bluff.
The adults and the kids carried signs in 
the parade that said the connection
they had to the those pioneers who came 
through the Hole in the Rock and 
settled in Bluff.  

                                        After the parade, they went and explored Bluff Fort.

In April, Camryn had surgery on her shoulder.  
Look at the bruising she got on her neck.  
How did that happen???


Next came our annual Easter picnic at recapture pockets.  
Always so much fun!!!

The Easter egg hunt is kind of a challenge, 
as the eggs are tucked up under rocks and bushes!

                                                I guess Freddie is our supervisor
                                                during the Easter egg hunt.

                                   Another trip to the Hole in the Rock.
                                   We went with some friends and with some of the
                                   senior couple missionaries from Bluff Fort.
                                   When we go to the Hole in the Rock,
                                   we usually go in from the east and can only
                                   see it across the lake but this time we went in
                                   from the Escalante side and actually
                                   got to the top of the crevice that the pioneers,
                                   our ancestors, drove their wagons down.
                                   It is incredible to the actual crevice and realize
                                  what these amazing ancestors of ours did.

                                              We had a super fun girls' trip to Salt Lake.
                                              So much fun hanging out with my girls
                                              and with baby Penn.

Mason turned 5 years old this year.  Happy birthday sweet Mason