Saturday, February 10, 2018

May 2016

Carter did a great job playing the part of Daddy Warbucks in the play, "Annie".  

On May 9th, 2016, Stacy and Taylor welcomed a new baby boy into their family.  They named him Penn, but his siblings call him "Baby Blue."

                                                 So precious and sweet!!

Palmer and Mason were cute, little T-ball players!

                                               And Palmer is a cute little gymnast.

                                             Brock loves to drive the jeep around in the backyard.

Palmer and Mason sharing ice cream at Bluff Fort.

                                 Have you ever seen any cuter preschool graduates than these?

And look at these cuties as they participate in a "Hold That Note" program.

We always love to visit with Aunt Doris.  She is in an assisted living center in Centerville.

And, of course we love our cute grandkids that live in Utah Valley.  

Sunday, January 28, 2018

April, 2016

There are so many places to go and so much to see in San Juan County.

            The River House Ruins are close to San Juan Hill and the San Juan River.

One of the things we "love" to do as a family is to go to the Bluff  Cemetery and clean up the weeds.

We also love to go out on excursions with our Bluff Fort missionary friends.

    The jeep's tire fell into a hole crossing this creek.  Hopelessly stuck!!

            After a lot of hard work, the men were able to get the jeep unstuck.

Mason is 4 years old!!

Grandpa and Palmer are playing with a horny toad.  

Kids go on field trips to Bluff Fort.  It is always so fun to go along 
on these field trips and watch the kids have so much fun.

Here are a few pictures of some of the grandkids that live
in Utah Valley.