Sunday, April 30, 2023

January 2022--Dominican Republic With our kids

 On January 3, 2022 Jed and I, along with our kids and their spouses went on a trip to the Dominican Republic.  We had all saved up for about 3 years to go on a trip to celebrate our 50th wedding anniversary!

Day 1, Jan. 3, 2022
We flew to the Dominican Republic

                                                      First on the agenda, visiting the beach!

                                                  The resort we stayed in was pretty awesome!

Dominican Republic
Day 2, January 4th
We just stayed around the resort and played on the beach, etc

And then that evening when it was time to go out to eat, us girls had a
surprise for the boys.  We had brought matching shirts for them to wear,
 without them knowing they would be matching the others.
We gave them to them to wear that night.  
We suggested they would look nice in a polo shirt.  
When they arrived at the restaurant, one by one, they looked
around and realized they matched the other men in our group.
They pretended to be unimpressed and maybe even a little mad
but we knew they were amused :).  

Dominican Republic
Day 3, January 5th

On day 3 we traveled to Santa Domingo.
It was a gorgeous town with a wealth of history.  

And when we were through exploring the town,
we were able to visit the LDS temple.
It was beautiful!!!

And then we got to "enjoy" a very long bus ride back to out resort.
It was a good day!!!

Dominican Republic, Day 4

On Day 4 we went on a little boat trip
To San Raphael Del Yuma
It was so much fun!!!

If you notice we are missing a few of the family, 
it's because Deco & Kristi were kind of sick this day :(

And, Jeremy and Heather opted out of this trip!!

When we got back everyone took it easy on the beach!!

Dominican Republic, Day 5:

Resort in Punta Cana

This was the day that we just hung out at the resort and the beach